Share interactive flowcharts alongside detailed content

Create content packed flowcharts to share with clients and co-workers to demonstrate step by step processes and boost engagement.

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A new type of resource

Usually flowcharts only contain short labels... not anymore. You have a blank canvas for each node where you can use text, links, images and videos to jam pack your Nodemap full of information. Create an online knowledge hub with easy to follow, interactive content.

Embed all types of content

Bring together information from anywhere into the content section of each node. It's now quick and easy for your viewer to see which content is most relevant to where they are!

Take things step by step

Break down processes, tasks, and strategies into easy to follow steps for clients and colleagues.

What can Nodemap do for you?


  • Plan tasks
  • Track progress
  • Clarify your path

Strategy planning

  • Plan visually
  • Share strategies with your team
  • Create a roadmap for a client

Product roadmaps

  • Share your progress with users
  • Live updates
  • Users can track your progress

Online courses

  • Create visual knowledge hubs
  • Sell your Nodemap online
  • Students can track their progress

Process visualisation

  • Share processes with new hires
  • Create reference material
  • Optimise


  • Write notes quickly
  • Document thought trails
  • Multimedia idea aids

What people love about Nodemap


You have full control over the layout and content of your creations. Drag nodes around, use custom images and embed different types of content.


Sharing your creations with clients, colleagues or an online audience? Just send over your Nodemap link. They will be able to view your resource and can import it into their collection to track progress and make additional notes.


You have the opportunity to password protect Nodemaps so that you can sell them. This puts money back into the hands of our creators who share their knowledge with others.

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